Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Incident - Syarra

If you have read The Third Time Hydrant - Erich, you know that I have been wounded and that I can't walk well without pain. I have not been ice skating for quite a few years and I was out of practice. It was getting easier to not lose my balance I was skating to a wall and as I reach it my right leg swung up and hit my other leg taking a chunk out of it. It was gushing blood and it really hurt. In a few minute I was sitting, a cloth was putting pressure on my leg. People keep telling me not to cry as waves of pain were washing over me. We tried to figure out how to get Carver and my dad to know where we were. The people who worked at the ice skating rink said someone would be waiting. Then an ambulance came. Then the driver had to decide which hospital to go to. By this point in time my mom was with me and we were off the ice which we were sitting on (and freezing on) for quite a while. 

The ambulance was terrible I can explain why in two words: speed bumps. I was strapped into a hospital bed laying flat. As we passed over the dreaded speed bumps I could feel the blood rushing through my leg, up then back down. Also as the painful things were passed over by the ambulance it felt like I was upside down. Which to some extent I was. And last of all as we ran over the frightful things waves of pain collapsed upon me.

As I lay in the hospital waiting after we arrived, my leg throbbing in pain, and I was moved to a hospital bed I saw a nurse. She said it was superficial and I would be fine. My mom had to go and give them information. It was confusing to them that we did not have insurance. In the UAE everyone has to have insurance as a requirement. It was not something they could stitch. So no procedures had to be done. 

Carver and my dad arrived and while it wasn't that long it felt like forever to me. At that point we told them what happened. They wanted our passport so my dad and Carver went to get them also they needed to feed the animals so they went back for that as well about half an hour later they came back by this point they had said we could leave and it would be free or we could get admitted to the hospital. I decided that I would like to go and so we went home and I sat for two day spending my time on the couch watching movies. I re-watched all of the Lord of the Rings movies even though I had watched them before. By now it has been five days I can limp around but I can still over do it and it still hurts.

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