Saturday, November 26, 2016

Australian Wildlife Part 1 - Syarra

When we came to Australia I was excited to see marsupials and monotremes and just different animals such as: Koala, Emu, Kangaroo, Wombat, Echidna, Wallaby, Tasmanian Devil, and Platypuses. This is in order of when we saw them.

We saw koala in Raymond island which you can read about here: Koala sits in an old gum tree - Alrica

Since we arrived we have seen kangaroo and emu in Wilsons Promontory, which you can read about in My Second Marsupial - Syarra.

With a Joey
We saw wombats along the road. We also saw some echidna!

Looking away

The ants are crawling on the echidna
That is a short beaked echidna!

And saw a wallaby just recently as we went hiking in Freycinet National Park. I will talk about this later in the blog post.

We have maybe not yet seen Tasmanian Devils or platypuses and definitely not up close. Back in Sale we were walking on a boardwalk over a swamp when we saw something splashing around, but we could not see what, so we had to guess. In wishful thinking I said it was a platypus. For some reason that caught on because now everyone is saying that, though there was a lot of skepticism at the time. Here, in Tasmania, I saw a small fleeting glance at something that might have been a Tasmanian Devil, it was small and furry, and the coloration was brown with white spots.

Now lets talk about Tasmania! We arrived at Freycenne national park at about 10:30 and we started walking down the hiking trail. To our surprise huge mosquitoes (Which the Australians call mozzies) swarmed the trail in full daylight! We had to go to the local store and get mosquito repellent. Overall we have enjoyed Tasmania and I will continue to write about wildlife in Australian Wildlife 2.

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