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Kat Rin Kham - Carver

This post is about Chiang Mai. I'm not sure why I haven't been posting for a while but I haven't and so I am going to now. We are no longer in Chiang Mai now but I can still write about it. We were staying near the Maya Mall. It was less than five minutes to walk there. And we ate there many many times. In the basement is a place called Take Home. It also has tables and chairs. And there is traditional Thai food there for Thai prices. And the food is good but not great.

Location of Maya Mall

But outside on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights there is a night market called Kat Rin Kham. I never knew why it was called that but I never really cared until… There is an intersection next to it. And in Chiang Mai, the intersections are named. And guess what that one was called. Rin Kham. So Kat must mean something like market. Then it would be the market on the intersection of Rin Kham. But anyway, I'm getting off topic.

Kat Rin Kham is great. There is a part with stuff (by stuff I mean not-food.) But even better, there is a part with food. I have only been to a few shops because there were certain places I always went to for my dinner every night. But I will tell you about the shops as I make recommendations to anyone who goes there. The Kat Rin Kham food section is two rows of food on each side of a walkway. It is pretty packed in the aisle between the stands. There are benches there on parts of the left side coming from the stuff section. But they are almost always full. We always took the food home. Right at the start of the row on the left (all of these I am doing as if you are coming from the stuff section) is a green mango stand. It says “Guava - Mango” on it. The green mango is 25 baht (about $0.75.) There is also green guava. These are unripe mangoes and guavas. I never got green guava because I liked the green mango so much. I think the guava is also 25 baht. There is also something else. I think it is ripe mango that costs 40 baht. But the green mango is incredible.

As you continue walking look on the right for the fried chicken stand. There is a sign there that says ”fried chicken 10 bath” but it actually means 10 baht (about $0.30.)

Continue walking and you find a sign that says “potato ball 20 bath” though it might have said baht. I forget. It isn't as good as the fried chicken or the green mango and I only got it on the days that the fried chicken stand wasn't there.

Continue walking and near the end on the left is a stand that says “Berry Smoothie”. Of course, they do more than just berries. They do all sorts of fruit. There is also a smoothie stand in the basement of the Maya Mall but it isn't good. They put too much water in them. But the one in Kat Rin Kham is incredible. I got a green mango, two fried chickens, and a smoothie every time the Kat Rin Kham was there. This ended up costing me 75 baht for my whole meal. This is the equivalent of $2.25. When the fried chicken stand wasn't there (which it wasn't for three days in a row), I had to find other things to replace my fried chicken. I went to a stand with pieces of meat skewers on it. They had chicken and beef. That one had only meat on the skewers so don't confuse it with the one Syarra kept going to next to smoothie person. However, if you go to the one I went to when I couldn't have fried chicken, don't get the beef. Half of it is inedible fat. Syarra loved the skewer one next to the smoothie stand so it must be good.

Also, if you go there, don't miss the fountain in front of the mall. Of course, how would you miss it? But I made friends with the green mango and fried chicken stands (not actually the stands but the people who ran them.) In fact, the fried chicken person even gave me an extra fried chicken for free. And I was sad to leave them. But we will go find more night markets and basements of malls. Maybe not that last one.

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  1. It was good to hear from you Carver. I was beginning to wonder if your Dad was hogging all the computer time. Wink, wink.