Saturday, July 16, 2016

Great or Great! - Syarra

Part 1

Wednesday, we had scheduled a cooking class, from Calm Cool cooking class. So we got picked up and driven to a local market. There we were told about everything from fruit to firm tofu.
These are types of noodles

We were taken to a local coconut shop, where the husk was hacked off, and the pieces shredded. We drove to the place for cooking and sat down, we drank strange juice, which I did not like. We were guided around the garden and picked leaves as we talked. We came back and soon the electricity went out. So we had to re-schedule, for Friday.

Part 2

Yesterday was Friday, we drove back to cook our three dishes, one rice, and one dessert.  We had decided to cook Pad Thai, Tom Kha Kai (a soup made of coconut milk, chicken, and Galangal, a vegetable), and Pork Satay Sticks. For our rice we did Riceberry. Our Thai dessert was sticky rice with mango.

We learned about spices and to our surprise the most common was fish sauce, this is surprising because the meats here are, pork, chicken, and duck, you never taste fish. Then we made a sauce for the pork.

We filled trays with vegetables, meats, tofu, and egg for the Pad Thai and Tom Kha Kai. The best part was the coconut, we were supposed to squeeze the coconut as if we were wringing a wet wash cloth.
So much fun

We cooked or grilled the dishes and they were all delicious. Dessert was even better.
These were our dishes

The only downside is while I was cutting pepper I got some on my hands and they burned for an hour and a half.

I definitely would recommend this place if you are going to Thailand.
Us and our instructors

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