Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The things I thought about after posting my last blog post (including clarifications, and the night before the flight, and yesterday) - Carver

We haven't posted any posts about London or Budapest. I don't know why no one did. But Syarra is writing about London now. But my post stays focused on Berlin, for some reason this excites me far more than Budapest and London. The night before the flight is in London. But otherwise, I will leave London to Syarra.

Clarifications: Curry Baud was a little building built on a building that you could buy tickets at and that went down to the U-Bahn. There were no inside seats so we sat outside. Syarra got a Bratwurst. That is pronounced bratvurst because w makes a v sound in German. I got a schnitzel. My Dad got a Currywurst Special and my Mom got a Kartoffelpuffer mit Apfelmus. That is basically a potato pancake with applesauce. But the potato pancakes taste different than the ones I eat at Hanukkah every year. I liked Syarra's the most. I loved Curry Baud and if anyone is visiting Berlin, I recommend Curry Baud. The online maps of the U and S - Bahn aren't very good. So I was happy to find that there is a physical map on the wall in our apartment. We have a park nearby. So close that when we have gone out before, Syarra and I have gone there and my parents would finish getting ready and find us at the park.

The night before the flight: Somehow, we ended up with a two person room. So my Dad and I slept on the floor with the blanket under us so that the carpet didn't annoy us. There was no sheet on the bed other than the fitted sheet. I learned that when you aren't standing up and walking, without blankets it gets cold, even in a hotel room. But I suppose everyone was just as cold. We woke up, badly rested, at 5:30 to go to Light Breakfast (a breakfast without cooked food but that starts at 4:00.), get packed, and get to the shuttle that took us to the airport at 6:00. But we were flexible and handled the night. We enjoyed a good game of Pitch that evening.

Yesterday: We didn't have a pass for the transportation past 3:00 that morning. The pass works for all of the day you buy it and then until 3:00 the next morning. So we explored the local areas. We went to Gesundbrunnen Center to shop, then went to a place down the street. Soon we came back home.

I'm not going to cover today because I am stealing all of the fun and someone else will want to cover it. Besides, if Syarra finishes, you win have 3 blog posts to read and you won't want more.

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