Sunday, August 23, 2015

Our Route - Carver

I wrote this one and the last entry in the car as we were going to Amarillo. My Mom pointed out that since I have been doing lots of planning for the route around the U.S, I should write one about our route. I finished writing the last entry about 20 minutes before I wrote this. By the way it was hard to write this in past tense when it was about what I was currently experiencing. We just left Athens, TX. This is the current route though it might change some.

In Aztec, NM we will arrive Sunday, the twenty-third. We will leave on either Wednesday or Thursday and arrive Thursday night in Golden, CO. We leave Monday morning and go to West Des Moines, Iowa. We will stay there until Saturday and arrive in Minneapolis that same day. We leave Minneapolis on Monday and go to La Crosse, WI. We will leave Wednesday morning to go to Appleton, WI. We will go to Midland, MI from Appleton on Friday. We will leave Sunday morning and arrive in Atlanta on Monday. We will get to Pensacola on Wednesday and get to Orlando on Friday. From Orlando we will go to Boynton Beach, FL on Tuesday where we will fly out on Sunday, the twenty-seventh.

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