Sunday, June 21, 2015

Friends and Plans (More on change) - Carver

My last post was about how I didn't like losing things and adapting to change. This is more on change.

Friends - There is more change to happen that is not leaving behind things but more leaving friends. I can still talk through technology (technology can do so much now) but it isn't the same. That is harder to adapt to than losing things. I am sad to leave my friends. But this is more change and I will have to deal with it like all the other change.

Plans - You would assume that was the end if you hadn't seen the title but there is more change for me to adapt to. This change is a very different kind of change, however. This is unexpected change. After lots of waiting for the biopsy and the results, we finally found out that the mass will have to be removed. It is a big lump of cartilage but it is causing problems. This will push back our plans by about a month.

Unexpected change is unexpected and hard to adapt to and expected change is not as hard because it is expected. Which one is harder for me to adapt to? I don't really know.

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